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Quality Metal Roofing and Roof Repairs
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We Work Hard to Provide a Quality Roof Installation for YOU!
Metal Men Roofing, Northwest Arkansas
Hello from Northeast Oklahoma! We are Metal Men and we're good at what we do. We'll help a stranded motorist or spread a tarp in a storm to stop a leaking roof from ruining your ceiling. Our fuel tank is always full and our rain gear is at the ready hanging in the mud porch. If you need us, just call. Night or day, our job is to be convenient to you.  
MMR sends crews anywhere in the entire 4 State midwest area.
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Metal Men Roofing, Northwest Arkansas Quality Roofing Solutions
Metal Men Roofing, Northwest Arkansas Quality Roofing Solutions


We try to always line up every rib on the metal for wind resistance strength. This Horizion Loc is a good example of what an Insurance Company looks for in determining the value of your roof. A poorly installed roof does not add to the value of your home, but a correctly installed one does and can get you a $1500.00 tax credit on your new metal roof. Imagine 40 years of not worrying about your roof!


Quality Roofing Solutions
Metal Men Roofing, Northwest Arkansas Quality Roofing Solutions
Straight lines on a job mean no corners on the quality of your installation .. that means the manufacturer warranty of up to 40 years is in effect , ask to see your installers certification card. He should have one. All 'valleys' should be string line straight for correct water and ice drainage.
Metal Men Roofing, Northwest Arkansas Quality Roofing Solutions


We're confident we can do almost any thing with pratically nothing. We overcome the challenges because we are problem solving solution type people. When the customer wanted the tree growing up through his building's eve, we obliged. No questions asked and no extra costs.

Our chimneys never leak. We build a cricket on every pitched roof above the chimneys and fire places. It's the only way to protect your investment and stop a leak from ever happening.

Everything needs to come together as tightly as possible. It isn't hard to think smarter than water, it just isn't always easy. A better fit means a lot less wind shear during high winds.

After a job we head to the factory to pick up our next load for our next customer and when we load up at the factory where we buy direct "eliminating the expensive middle man". We always bring everything we need.

Next stop, the valued customer.


Metal Men Roofing, Enjoy the Sunsets! Get Ready for Next Customer




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